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How to Clean Cat Urine

Do you want to learn how to clean cat urine? We've rated and reviewed different cat urine cleaners to make your buying choices easier. When trying to clean an accident there are several factors to consider, including:

Why did the cat urinate in an inappropriate spot?

How to Clean Cat Urine

A cat might urinate where it is not supposed to for many reasons, and it's probably best to look at each symptom to determine what's going on.

A dirty/smelly litter box
Cats are inherently clean animals. When forced to use a dirty litter box, some cats rebel and use an cleaner area, like a corner of the living room, a couch or a bed. Usually by being very diligent with cleaning the litter box the owner can eliminate accidents. One way to help with this issue is to use an electronic cat litter box.

The litter box isn't in a private location
Cats are also inherently private animals. If their cat box is in a high-traffic location, they may retreat somewhere more private like the back of a closet. Try finding a private location for the litter box, and you'll notice immediate improvement.

They are stressed
Cats are creature of habit. If you suddenly introduce new pets or new family members, move, start spending less time at home or give the cat less attention and it may respond with an "accident." The best way to eliminate this kind of problem is to shower the cat with attention, as much as you can. That's all they really want!

Medical Conditions
The last common possibility is a medical condition such as a bladder infection, urinary tract infection or the like. If the above issues don't seem to be the problem, you should call your veterinarian immediately.

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