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Best Cat Urine Cleaner

Many people ask us what we think the best cat urine cleaner is, and to us the answer is obvious.

Best Cat Urine CleanerGET SERiOUS! Pet Stain, Odor and Pheromone Extractor
An award-winning product with a super-effective formula that works in three minutes and won't yellow like some enzyme-based cleaners. Dog Fancy editors rated GET SERiOUS! "Best Product of the Year 2004" based on the product being the most innovative and easy for pet owners to use. GET SERiOUS! was also awarded "Best Product for the New Millennium" from Dog World magazine in January 2000. And, Get Serious was the second product ever endorsed by the ASPCA when they first started their "Seal of Approval" endorsement program.

GET SERiOUS! contains a revolutionary formula that "bubbles up" stains and odors and brings them to the surface where they can be easily blotted away with a towel. It can be heated in the microwave to remove tough, ground-in stains. The product also removes old stains and discoloration left by other cleaners. More than a neutralizer, GET SERiOUS! actually removes the pheromone in the odors so pets won't re-mark area. GET SERiOUS! is non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable, and safe to use around children and pets. May also be added to laundry loads or used as a pre-wash agent for tough stains and odors. Click here to find out more about this product>>

Other than the awards and accolades that Get Serious! has received, this product is the best cat urine cleaner because it removes the pheromones that cause the cat to urinate in the same spot over and over. And it's safe for all your pets and kids, which is clearly very important. We don't hesitate ro rate Get Serious! the best cat urine cleaner on the market.

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